The girl who found hope…. 

With salt water gently lapping at her feet and the wind softly caressing her hair, she felt absolutely calm and relaxed near the shore line.. The morning chill was just perfectly warmed by the sun rising over the horizon, kissing the sea.. 

So surreal with the calmness around her amid the squeaking of the gulls, she dreaded to go back to her reality and face the world. It would be a dream to just stay here forever – she thought wistfully looking at the waves.

Suddenly she saw something glitter a little far away and a few steps forward she realized it was the sun glinting over a glass bottle. Intrigued at the paper peaking inside, she picked it up to see it more clearly. She never believed people actually threw messages incased in bottles into the water but she couldn’t deny the fact in front of her.

With a childlike excitement bubbling inside her, she pried open the bottle to take out the note which read……… 

 Hey reader,  

The life can be tough darling, but so are you. Nothing that is worthy is easy but then, everything is to perish in the end eventually.. So live in the moment, be brave to face your difficulties and cherish your happiness because nothing lasts forever.. Inhale confidence and exhale doubt.. And dont forget to leave a little sparkle wherever you go….. 

Just a few words by a random act of kindness and she felt the weight lift off her shoulders and she realized that she can’t always run away from her hardship. Be it good or bad, it never really last for long. At one point you come out of it and better to be scarred and victorious rather than being a coward and failure. Gaining a newfound determination she was ready to face the world and now with brave wings she flies…. 


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