The girl who believed in little mercies….


She loved winter but hated cold.. She hated summer but loved its warmth.. Surprised at her own yin and yang, she thought about life and people. There never seemed to be a perfect balance about anything. The goodness is marred by the evil and the evil is so intense that the goodness is masked.

Bundled up in the warmth of her blanket she closed her eyes and realized…….. Though we may not always like the situations we land up in, there are always little mercies sprinkled  here and there. Everything cannot be perfect but the main achievement is to look at the beauty beyond its imperfections. Because beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder and there is beauty even in disaster. We just have to be strong and confident enough to take hold of the situation and not let it push us down.

There will always be some goodness in difficult situations but we usually neglect to see it..There is always a bigger plan we are unaware of. So whenever we are in a difficult position, just hang on to the small goodness’s, the little mercies, and make it through. Because we grow, what we go through.


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