The girl who wanted to become a name…. 

After a long day of nothing useful, she sat down on her bed with her trusted friend. Many may say it otherwise but her phone to her was always there in her good and bad times. She tapped open a fresh page and stared at it contemplating. Having the power to change her useless day so far to something positive she took a stance to stay motivated no matter what she goes through. With thousands of thoughts crossing her mind like a cloud burst on a rainy day, she began to write……….

” you’ve laid the rules and marked my boundaries, 

But I sit in your cage and travel the countries.. 

You think you can crush me, feeling high and mighty ;

Little did you know, I’m a warrior who fights back politely.. 

I’ve got scars and many more bruises, 

But I’ll still keep fighting, no more excuses.. 

I’ll stand up tall, a scene of striking beauty ;

My flames keep burning ; a revival, you see.. 

Enough with your tantrums, I’m breaking free ;

I’ll become a name, it’s slated to be.. “

Resolute to make a name of herself, to be an inspiration and never to back down, she felt satisfied and a lot better now. Happily she tapped the little ‘publish’ icon at the top-right corner of her page.


4 thoughts on “The girl who wanted to become a name…. 

    1. Thank you for ur kind words.. I’m actually honored and happy that you liked it.. But to tell you the truth, I’m just a beginner.. I did strt a few years back but due to some inconvenience i had to stop.. But Allhumdullilah started it again and hoping fr the best.. 🙂


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