My life sucks, I think I'll become a Triathlete

When I finished my last post on Saturday night, I sort of knew that my Sunday would be worth a blog on its own. I had to travel to Dublin for the workshop of workshops, the workshop I had been looking forward to ALL YEAR.

I think at this stage some of you may have figured out that I am not one of those spiritual Yoga teachers that tells you about your Chakras and tells you how much enlightenment you will find in chanting Aum. Actually, yesterday my tutor labeled me the Yoga Scientist. I guess this description is fitting. I always look for the psychology and the medicine in Yoga because that I believe us Westerners can benefit from. We don’t come from a system that believes much in the spiritual (if you discount religious beliefs). We have a more “if I can’t see it, touch it, smell it…

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