First try..intro…..(skip it if u want)

Be the change you wish to see in the world”

hi all..
okay so first let me tell u all that this is my first ever try on blogging so plz try not to be too quick to judge nd maybe by time I’ll improve nd ofcourse please let me know what you think about this down below in the comments…I’m open to all critics, advices, opinions, comment, complements, etc – its a free world 😉 
Comming to my intro- because I’m too lazy to brief it all in my “about me” 😝- my name: well i am going to be an anonymous blogger so lets skip it.. I’m frm India and pursuing my bachelors degree from SIMS (SCOP) in physiotherapy..completed my first year from this 4 nd half course..favorite hobby is reading novels(last read is “the revenge of seven”), playing video games, anything creative, surfing the Internet(a lot) hence this acting like my online diary😎..
my blogging for now is frankly for my own benefit as I feel I’m – for want of a better word- slipping away from my ambition,but may be good for u guyz too as im planning on briefing my topics i study, as i study in that way i can study em and revise it while publishing it and revisit it any time..
apart frm my study articles i may post few articles of my life- sharing my happiness, taking out my frustration, a little heart-to-heart, life motivation and inspiration scripts.. 
i promise u I’ll b honest in my posts..d main reason is – i think and say I will study but the time just flies away and that dosent happen.. and i believe if you speak out your sins(and very few has the guts to do that) u are more unlikely to repeat it again.. 
my post wont be as long as this one, study article may depend on the theory and topic.. this is juz d basic info nd idea.. hoping my posts will b on daily basis which means I’m looking forward to study daily(plz dont b quick to judge) i am and will try my best..
so i think that’s about it.. anything else you want to ask or know about, feel free to comment below..

signing off..



8 thoughts on “First try..intro…..(skip it if u want)

  1. I wish you all the very best for the blogging and with you studies ..May the Almighty help you achieve you goals.
    According to me the you got a Little carried away with the intro and made it a bit lenghty…but as its ur frst tym u wil learn from the other bloggers and by you mistakes ‘ bad experiences’..but i love the way you sumed up your self. keep on moving forward and it very rare when you find people who are looking to help other des days..
    Wishing you all the sucess.


  2. Well I’m new myself. But in my personal opinion, I would say never under appritiate your own work. No matter how bad it gave it away in the title that people can skip it. Audience is already not attracted. Attract your audience with the tittle pr atleast opening line..that where viewrs come from.

    You promised you won’t lie. Well. You can. Its your blog. You can come up with stories to convey your msg. Sometimes we need characters to explain our thoughts.

    As I stated earlier. Do not apologise for your work. It can be as long as you wish. But it should be precise. Rambling should be avoided.

    I hope this comment only helped you and didn’t hurt you. I am not judging or critisising. Only afew tips to start off. I hope this helped 🙂

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    1. hello sidra..thnx a lot fr reviews .. i wanted to know what people thought abt my blogs nd ur comment definitely helped..I’ll take ur advise for sure.. i wrote d skip part cuz i thot when my blogs r filled people shoud not be confused with my study materials nd personal stuff..nd der was d slight hope that “forbidden fruit is the sweet” theory applies.. 😜 when ppl r told not to do something dey do it on purpose..
      about the lying part i sed dat keeping in mind to study daily as my blogging is mostly for my study purpose.. but yeah i got ur point on makeing up characters..
      hmmm.. longer posts, people tend to get bored nd leave it.. i do.. so i thot i could keep them as short as i can nd briefing the said topic in d article.. rambling in case of studing…….. now thats hard..i make up stories when my answers are too short to fetch me marks.. 😋
      thx again for commenting.. anything is helpful.. nd nope it did not hurt.. definitely will keep ur tips in mind.. 🙂

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      1. Your blog was not at all boring.
        Haha. Oh yes. That forbidden theory can be a good trap too 😛

        I dont read long blogs too. But if they are precise and have suspense. I do 😛

        BTW, did you explore this site yet?
        Since your new, did you figure out how to ad tags and categories?


      2. nope dint explore it yet.. its damn confusing..i mean i dont know where the search bar is nd when i do some thing it turns up as sumthing els.. umm.. before publishing d article, u get a “publish settings” at the end.. v can add tags and categories over there.. i did dat but dunno wer i can see dem after dey get published..


      3. You can view site and view all you posts. Or in the end of posting there is a pop-up that says “view post” you can view either way. I found search bar only in desktop site. I don’t app has the search option.

        Its better to change the pulish setting to draft and review you article first (I almost never do that BTW)

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      4. hmmm.. long studies will take a nosedive if i explore it on school days :p.. the “view post” idea is gud nd yeah i saw dat.. i use d app..will explore WP this weekend hopefully.. ok shush now.. going to study.. :p 😇


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