Motor Neuron murder mystery: who killed Mr Motor Neuron?

amazing how our mind perceive things. We tend to grasp the information more when given to us as a story or fiction than the brute medical terms and hence i couldn’t appreciate more the superb way this heartbreaking condition is explained.

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This blog is a fabricated story inspired by the current knowledge of MND.

Today, we wake to news that Mr Motor Neuron (one of the brightest stars in Hollywood) has been killed. A very specialised actor, he was well known for his lightning fast reactions and action-packed roles, often playing characters that had very important messages to deliver.

The alarm was first raised at 2am, when Neuron was found dead in the kitchen of his house by the cleaner, Miss Phagocyte. Dr Riluzole was called and attempted CPR, but nothing could be done to revive him. Early speculation is that he may have been poisoned with a highly toxic protein substance. Neuron’s bodyguards (hired from the prestigious company MicroGlia) have also gone missing, leading many to believe that they too have been murdered.

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The girl who was slowly taking over…. 

“Everybody’s been there, everybody’s been stared down
By the enemy
Fallen for the fear and done some disappearing
Bow down to the mighty
Don’t run, stop holding your tongue
Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in
Show me how big your brave is.. “

                                            – Sara Bareilles

She sat sipping chilled coke overlooking the traffic outside the window thinking about how her life turned around.. Few days she feels so motivated like taking the world by its horns and then the next she feels like being hit on the head with its reality.. Giving up just feels like a sugar drop on the tip of her tounge.. So sweet and easy but its just a beautiful mirage.. No matter how many times she may fall, her every comeback is stronger than the last one.. Success is never easy and you have to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.. Every time she falls down, she stands back up with a new determination.. She wears her scars like battle wounds and her bruises like an armor.. Her every step, evry effort and every thought makes her more closer to becoming a vision…… inspiration.. Come rain or shine, she knows she can do it because she has a will stronger than steel.. Stepping outside her comfort zone, she walks away like a Phoenix rising from her ashes keeping her head and her confidence high..

The girl with a resolution…. 

Many of us make resolutions for the new year but usually their resolute fades as the months progress but she believed in daily resolution and to accomplish them by the moonrise. 

She aimed to win her long term goal by stepping higher with her daily achievements. No matter how small the task, if done daily it becomes a habit and on completing it gives her immense satisfaction. She agrees with Aristotle when he said…. 

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is, therefore, not an act but a habit. 

It just takes us our own willpower to move forward. Knowing that the amount of time taken to work and to relax is the same she agreed that a comfort zone is a beautiful place to live but nothing ever grows there and the time will pass eventually. So she makes an effort, no matter how small, to achieve her taks daily and increases her mark gradually because afterall, slow but steady wins the race and small thing add up to big results. She makes sure to keep her resolutions achievable and actually complete them all.

Every day is a new start, a fresh blank page of life which she infuses with colour and power combined because she has the reins of her life in her hands and she chooses to steer it towards the road less traveled. She loves a good challange and is always on her toes to face a new one, to rise after the falls because it doesn’t make her weak but on contrary makes her stronger. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

“The road not taken” by Robert Frost

The girl who found hope…. 

With salt water gently lapping at her feet and the wind softly caressing her hair, she felt absolutely calm and relaxed near the shore line.. The morning chill was just perfectly warmed by the sun rising over the horizon, kissing the sea.. 

So surreal with the calmness around her amid the squeaking of the gulls, she dreaded to go back to her reality and face the world. It would be a dream to just stay here forever – she thought wistfully looking at the waves.

Suddenly she saw something glitter a little far away and a few steps forward she realized it was the sun glinting over a glass bottle. Intrigued at the paper peaking inside, she picked it up to see it more clearly. She never believed people actually threw messages incased in bottles into the water but she couldn’t deny the fact in front of her.

With a childlike excitement bubbling inside her, she pried open the bottle to take out the note which read……… 

 Hey reader,  

The life can be tough darling, but so are you. Nothing that is worthy is easy but then, everything is to perish in the end eventually.. So live in the moment, be brave to face your difficulties and cherish your happiness because nothing lasts forever.. Inhale confidence and exhale doubt.. And dont forget to leave a little sparkle wherever you go….. 

Just a few words by a random act of kindness and she felt the weight lift off her shoulders and she realized that she can’t always run away from her hardship. Be it good or bad, it never really last for long. At one point you come out of it and better to be scarred and victorious rather than being a coward and failure. Gaining a newfound determination she was ready to face the world and now with brave wings she flies…. 

The girl who believed in little mercies….


She loved winter but hated cold.. She hated summer but loved its warmth.. Surprised at her own yin and yang, she thought about life and people. There never seemed to be a perfect balance about anything. The goodness is marred by the evil and the evil is so intense that the goodness is masked.

Bundled up in the warmth of her blanket she closed her eyes and realized…….. Though we may not always like the situations we land up in, there are always little mercies sprinkled  here and there. Everything cannot be perfect but the main achievement is to look at the beauty beyond its imperfections. Because beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder and there is beauty even in disaster. We just have to be strong and confident enough to take hold of the situation and not let it push us down.

There will always be some goodness in difficult situations but we usually neglect to see it..There is always a bigger plan we are unaware of. So whenever we are in a difficult position, just hang on to the small goodness’s, the little mercies, and make it through. Because we grow, what we go through.

The girl who wanted to become a name…. 

After a long day of nothing useful, she sat down on her bed with her trusted friend. Many may say it otherwise but her phone to her was always there in her good and bad times. She tapped open a fresh page and stared at it contemplating. Having the power to change her useless day so far to something positive she took a stance to stay motivated no matter what she goes through. With thousands of thoughts crossing her mind like a cloud burst on a rainy day, she began to write……….

” you’ve laid the rules and marked my boundaries, 

But I sit in your cage and travel the countries.. 

You think you can crush me, feeling high and mighty ;

Little did you know, I’m a warrior who fights back politely.. 

I’ve got scars and many more bruises, 

But I’ll still keep fighting, no more excuses.. 

I’ll stand up tall, a scene of striking beauty ;

My flames keep burning ; a revival, you see.. 

Enough with your tantrums, I’m breaking free ;

I’ll become a name, it’s slated to be.. “

Resolute to make a name of herself, to be an inspiration and never to back down, she felt satisfied and a lot better now. Happily she tapped the little ‘publish’ icon at the top-right corner of her page.